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Complete the installation of your faucet with these stainless-steel faucet hoses. 24 inches long, these faucet hoses connect to Canada Standard 3/8" Compression fitting for home water supply connection. M10 male connector fits most faucets. Made from premium stainless steel, the high quality of the stainless-steel braided material will not rust and resists corrosion. They are also lead free and safe for potable water. This flexible kink resistant stainless-steel hose is very strong and will not leak, the included O-ring will prevent any leak. These stainless-steel faucet hoses are a pair, they come with one hot and one cold water hose for your convenience. Installation instructions are included with these stainless-steel kitchen faucet hose pair. Your kitchen faucet will function at its best when you install these stainless-steel kitchen faucet hoses.


These hoses are designed to be connected directly to most faucets in the market, depending on faucet design.


    • 24 Inches long
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