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Kitchen Sink Installation Options

STYLISH® offers a variety of sink installations to fit your individual needs. Browse through the tabs below to find out which sink installation is right for you.

For Kitchen sinks, the under-mount installation is the most common option used for solid countertop materials as it offers a clean look with the big advantage of no sink rim to catch dirt.
There are three under-mount styles depending on the individual preferences, and they are related to the position of the sink opening to the countertop cut-out size

1-Zero Reveal or flush-mount, the cut-out is at the same level as the sink opening, most of the DXF or PDF files in Stylish website are specified with this style.

2-Partial Reveal, a small part of the sink flange is visible when looking from the top, the amount of reveal depends on the look desired, this is the least used style.

3-Negative Reveal or over-hang is when the countertop extends over the edge of the sink opening on all sides. Normally the countertop opening hangs over about 1/8th of an inch. With this style the sink edge is completely covered and makes it easier to hide installation imperfections, it also makes it easier for the wiping of crumbs into the sink, this is one of the most popular choices for under-mount sinks installation.

To find the cut-out dimensions for your sink, search and find your sink model on our website and then check the section “documents to download”, notice that DXF files require CAD software to be read.

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