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Do more with a workstation, the VERSA36

Canadian Company

Stylish International Inc. is a Canadian leader in designing and crafting durable, innovative sinks and faucets that elevate your home. Our range includes workstation kitchen sinks with built-in accessories for effortless meal prep and clean-up. Led by experienced engineers, we prioritize innovation and efficiency, shaping a culture of continuous improvement. Welcome to a world where style meets functionality, where every fixture embodies quality craftsmanship and refined living.

We ship across Canada and USA directly from our warehouses in Ontario, Canada and NY, USA.


Style with Functionality

The centre of your home is your kitchen; it is a place to eat, work, share and entertain!

At Stylish International Inc. we create products that are both beautifully designed and supremely functional transforming your kitchen into the life and soul of your home.

Quality Standards

Our dedication to the highest quality materials and standards ensures that Stylish® products will not only be delightful to use but also be extremely durable. Our faucets and sinks meet or exceed the most stringent quality and safety standards for North America.

VERSA36 S-636W
AVA B-112N

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