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OPEN BOX GRADE B: AZUNI sinks are manufactured with the highest quality, extremely resistant austenitic stainless steel, together with the best design and functionality

The AZUNI design represents the latest in modern home fixture designs and traditional European crafting technique. This stunning piece of art is hand shaped to perfection using certied 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for superior strength and quality. The large and deep bowls comfortably accommodate the big dish loads including pots, pans and more.


Every AZUNI sink features thick and large echo-stop sound dampening pads and a layer of protective composite coating to further eliminate noise and prevent condensation


Make AZUNI's sinks the silent protagonists in any kitchen!

The well-dened diversion lines ensure quick and total water drainage. The refined 10mm radius soft corners allow of easier cleaning

Clever engineering and innovation are key features to make us stand out

OPEN BOX C232 GRADE B AZUNI 32" TULLE Square Strainer Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

    • External Size: 32 x 18 x 10 inch
    • Internal Size: 30 x 16 x 10 inch
    • Minimum External Cabinet Size: 34 in
    • Minimum Internal Cabinet Size: 32.5 in
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