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Grid 1pc by Stylish® G-830 Model Bronte 


This grid will fit perfectly to your S-830W Bronte Workstation Single Bowl Composite Granite Kitchen Sink. 

Dinner clean-up is simple and easy with this essential drop-in sink grid, featuring a stainless-steel design and shimmering chrome finish. Its drop-in design is perfect for catching mugs, plates, glasses, and more. This sink grill offers chef-worthy style with a modern edge. Whether you're remodeling or making a quick update, this Stylish® grid is perfect for protecting on of the busiest working station in your kitchen: the sink; the heart of your home.? 

This stainless-steel grid made exclusively for Kitchen Sink will protect your sink from scratches and or dents. 


    • Length: 
    • Width: 
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