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Optimize The Looks Of Your Bathroom With Stylish® Ceramic Sinks! In search of cost-effective ways to decorate your bathroom? A brand new above the counter sink vessel? Durable yet elegant bathroom sinks? A sinking vessel that is stain and chip resistant? Search no more! You have just found the ultimate bathroom sink vessels! Add one to your bathroom d'cor today and enjoy it for the many years to come! The glamorous shine and impeccable square shape will make any bathroom space look absolutely stunning. Perfect not only for your home but for commercial use as well. Ideal for hotels, public restrooms, bars and restaurants, spa and massage centers, business, receptions, and pretty much any place with a bathroom! When Quality & Style Finally Meet Stylish® is the way to go.
Combining high-quality ceramic, ultra-resilient craftsmanship, this bathroom sink vessel shouldn't be missing from your bathroom counter! The lovely square shape is great for any bathroom style. Minimize Cleaning! Maximize Pleasure! Make your life easy again and facilitate cleaning time to the fullest. This ceramic bathroom sink vessel is really easy to clean and maintain.


19'' CONTEMPO P-220

    • External Size: 19" L x 13 3/8" W x 5 3/4" D