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30 inch Workstation Single Bowl Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Built in Accessories, by Stylish® S-611W Versa30


This Workstation kitchen sink combines the best of both world: a bold stainless-steel single bowl sink with a functional workstation: built-in accessories (colander, drying rack and cutting board) that slide on the integrated tracks in the sink. Includes a deep stainless-steel Colander that you can use for straining, draining, sieving, and filtering tasks like straining fruits, vegetables and draining cooked pastas. The solid cutting BAMBOO BOARD made from high quality anti-microbial bamboo wood and it is BPA free. Use it to chop any food that you like, cut fruits and veggies, serve cheese and crackers at the next wine tasting night or cut bread during lunch! Ideal as a cocktail bar board or as a serving tray during BBQ gatherings at the back of your yard.

All Stylish® sinks are equipped with soundproofing system including a protective coating and extra thick rubber pads to create a noticeable lower tone and overall a very quiet sink. This coat is sprayed underneath the sink to prevent water condensation. For added functionality, Stylish® workstations sinks come with luxury basket drain strainers, which are deeper and much more functional for catching food scraps than the regular strainers. Stylish® sinks are Canadian designed and meet the highest plumbing standards for North America. The undermount stainless steel kitchen sink features not only a sided set drain, but the drain is also set to the middle, this is a brilliant feature that truly allows maximum space under the kitchen cabinet and you can install the drain to the left or to the right. Also sink basins have drain grooves for optimal drainage.

Is convenient for drying or rinsing vegetables, fruits, dishware, knife, glasses and cups.

30'' VERSA30 S-611W

    • External Size: 30" L x 19" W x 10" D
    • Internal Size: 28" L x 17" W x 10" D
    • Min. External Cabinet Size: 32"